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Why public presentations of learning?

Increase student engagement

by making learning public

Every 26 seconds, a student drops out of high school in the United States. That’s over 1.2 million students each year. And for every student who drops out of school, hundreds more are disengaged. Even students who do well in school report feeling discouraged about their future and disengaged, whether they attend an urban, rural or suburban school. In fact, by the time students reach their junior year in high school, only 32% report feeling engaged.

 And yet, we know that all schools can be places of hope and inspiration where students envision new possibilities for themselves and pursue deeper learning with purpose and passion. 

When students share their learning with an authentic audience we provide them with an opportunity to share their story, reflect on their growth, and engage in real dialogue with others about their learning and their futures

We ensure that they are known. We communicate that their work has value. We bring together schools and communities.

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Exhibitions of Learning

Whether it is getting student work on the walls, showcasing a class project, or hosting a whole-school exhibition with community members and experts, celebrate students’ work and learning by making it visible.

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Student-Led Conferences

Flip traditional parent-teacher conferences on their head and put students in charge of the discussion.

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Presentations of Learning

Have students present their learning, grounded in artifacts/evidence from their own work, to a panel of peers and adults who can offer feedback and support for next steps.

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1.  Sign up.

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2. Do it.

Download one of our toolkits and have your students publicly share their learning via student-led conferences, exhibitions of student work, or presentations of learning.

3.  Share your story.

Post an image or video on Instagram or Twitter using the #shareyourlearning hashtag. Let us know what you did, what worked, and what you would do differently, so we can all learn from your experience.


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